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Re: I can't enjoy any clan except...
« Reply #60 on: December 20, 2010, 09:44:56 PM »
I've been playing again lately after a long time, and previously I had always enjoyed Brujah the most - I always liked their clan description and their disciplines are awesome - but after a playthrough with a Toreador I think they're my new fave.  I like the variety of guns in the game, and unlike the melee weapons, I still used several different ones throughout the game even after getting the "new best" available.  Presence is such an awesome debuff, and when you can boost your damage and defense with Auspex so much, it's just a great combo.  Celerity makes reloading not quite so painful and is so helpful in situations like Griffith Park or trying to save Zhao from being killed.  I'm not a fan of the default sprites, but there's some good mods for them :)  The only real problem was the museum - so hard to not get caught without dominate/dementation or obfuscate, but that's the same with brujah too.

I'm trying to play through as a Tremere just to see their haven again, but I'm not a huge fan of the Thaumaturgy choices they made.  In the PnP, there's tons of different paths and allows you to be much more specialized it seems(I've never played the pnp, just looked at the wiki hehe), but i understand why they didn't implement all of that I guess.  To me, they seem to be designed as ranged fighters since they have Auspex and max 3 physical, though I guess with Blood Form it would be doable.

Nosferatu are ok, but I just think Animalism is one of the worst disciplines.  You don't really need powers to kill humans once you get lvl 5 obfuscate, you can just backstab them all, and on vampires/bosses they hardly do anything, so it's just meh to me.  The dialogue is very amusing though, and it's interesting getting around without the taxi and running around topside.

Gangrel are pretty much the only clan I haven't played through as, and I don't know if I ever will.  Protean and Animalism is just a bad combo imo, at least the way they're implemented, and fortitude on its own is pretty boring.  Plus, like other people have said, the guy model is pretty horrible :P  There is a cool mod to make Protean look like a wolf, but it doesn't make up for the awkward combat - pumping a vamp point blank with a steyr aug with full perception/firearms/auspex is much more effective ;)

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Re: I can't enjoy any clan except...
« Reply #61 on: January 28, 2011, 01:20:07 PM »
Maybe its kinda late to post to this topic but whatever :D I see people didnt get the real meaning of clans.Brujah:Clerity+Potence=Death Machines.Thats a fact!But not with unarmed.The Fact that they get+1 to unarmed means nothing.Brujah needs melee+str and a good melee weapon,then they are deadly.But I can't keep down on the fact that they are punks :D They seem more like a banch of hip hoppers and gangstas,than a true vampire ^^Other than that,yes,they are made to combat.Even in PnP Vampire Brujah owns hard.Now Gangrel:They are more likely build for "tanking" rather than damage dealers.At least in Bloodlines.In PnP their claws are quite deadly...Torries are indeed good for ranged gun combat.With maxed  celerity and the other discipline that helps firearms,its like they poke you,hey hey,look,give me a gun and i own :P.Malks are clearly played for the dialogues only.No use at all.Maybe its the fact that I really never liked them :P But I don't really see any other potential in them.
Nosfies,yeah ugly monsters that are specialits in hiding in shadows (that's where they belong),no one enjoys seeing their faces :P But they can prove deadly in combat.Just not my type,never really liked them.Ventrue...ehm...Aristocrats idiots that they think very high on themselves.I would never for no reason play ventrue.AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST TREMERE MIGHTY CLAN!!! :D Mages,Creepy mages that own hard and they know it!Thaumaturgy is put it simpy THE best discipline out there!!!At least in PnP.So many paths,so many options,they are so damn powerful!!!Elder Tremeres are ranked amongst the most dangerous vampires in existence.end of story.In Bloodlines Thaumaturgy is a joke though...I mean compared to the real PnP thaumaturgy :) But still,its quite powerful if you know how to use it well.As a Tremere YOU MUST side with Max Strauss in order to get the room and the phylactery that buffs thaumaturgy damage!You MUST max STR+MELEE.Same as brujah.Also get thaumaturgy to only 3 points.More than 3 is a waste of points.Use blood shield and purge and melee strikes to deal death to massive groups of enemies.Also people dont know that bloodstrike is the mightiest skill out there.Its spamable and deals high damage (especially to certain beings).In boss your shield,engage the boss and strike him with melee weapon+bloodstrike at the same time! Try that and you will see some real damage :) Massive bloodstrike rank 4 is useless cause it costs more blood and it isnt spamable like bloodstrike.Blood Boil is even more usless.effective only against pack of humans.It costs 4X the blood cost of bloodstrike and it has 4 seconds cooldown while dealing just 2X bloodstrike damage.Do the maths and you will see why it is pretty useless for a real fight.That's it folks,a good game but not compared to the real PnP experiecne...You should try that asap :) Cheers.

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Re: I can't enjoy any clan except...
« Reply #62 on: March 29, 2011, 12:32:04 PM »

When it comes to games, I'm the kind of guy who goes straight for the Warrior archetype (Warrior, Paladin, Dark Knight, Dragoon, Samurai, you get the idea), the sort of character that has a ridiculous health pool and a ridiculous amount of armor with a ridiculously large melee weapon (and of course sometimes going sword and board (that means one handed sword/axe/mace/etc. with a shield for you non-MMO types) for tanking when it's needed, based on the game I'm playing of course).

Brujah are perfect for me, and I play them in a very versatile way which has caused my current dilemma of not being able to enjoy any of the other clans - I focus on almost everything (except Intimidation and Seduction) - I focus on Melee, getting a good Defense (mostly through Wits so I can boost my Computer skill too, some will go to Stamina), keeping my Persuasion (also mostly through Scholarship so I can do the book trick, but some go to Charisma) nice and high so I can use it every time possible, using books to increase my Computers, Firearms, Sneaking and Lockpicking. From the very start to the very end of the game I can utterly destroy anyone (thanks to the amazing set of disciplines that the Brujah have, they're simply the best killing machines there are when it comes to fighting against a diverse group of enemies, or anything at all for that matter), persuade my way out of anything, regenerate faster than I can be damaged, hack anything (I don't look online for passwords as I consider it cheating, it nullifies the need for a hack skill and imbalances the game, I'm very picky about that and I prefer to play honorably), sneak through anything while stealth-killing everyone along the way (excluding the elizabeth dane and museum for obvious reasons) and pick every important lock along the way! There's a lot of min-maxing involved, but not so much that I need a sheet of paper and a pencil. I have never had a problem with progressing in the game while playing a Brujah, but every other class has left me with this feeling of weakness that I just can't bear for very long before I delete the character and play another Brujah.

Gangrel seemed like a nice alternative for a combat-oriented character but Protean 5 is clumsy as hell and leaving it at 4... shit I shouldn't even have to do that, that's just lame, plus... unarmed is just... ugh.

Malkavian... while the dialogue was mildly entertaining, the character absolutely sucked and was horrible in combat, although I will admit that dementation was nice for getting out of many situations (e.g. Vandal throwing a fit for freeing Lily, or stunning (lvl1 Dementation) one guy in the middle of town to feed off of the other to prevent a Masquerade violation).

Nosferatu seemed agitating having to use the sewers all the time (I know it gets better once you level Obfuscate and you have to get real close to people for them to freak out) and I don't like a Rogue sort of character, although I'm sure with a high Obfuscate and Potence they'd make for a great sort of Assassin or Ninja character.

Toreador SEEMED like my next best bet with a build similar to my Brujah, except with Auspex instead of Potence in a Gunslinger sort of build, but jesus tapdancing christ was good ol' Jack right (like always) when he said guns are loud and clumsy, even maxed out with Auspex they just don't feel right, and as a firearms fanatic in real life, seeing the names of the guns bastardized just made me wanna hurl (even if they are funny... e.g. Brokk instead of Glock).

Tremere, I've given them a fairly decent chance (I did almost all of Santa Monica) and I couldn't stand it because it's like playing a Mage and if there's an archetype I hate the most it's the Mage. In most games, all it takes to snuff a Mage is for them to run out of mana, then they're about as vulnerable as an ant under a magnifying glass on a hot summer day.

Ventrue flat out seem boring just from what their Abilities/Attributes/Disciplines are.

Well, there's my analysis of the clans, now here's the problem... I absolutely LOVE this game and would do anything in the world to prolong its lifespan for me, now the most obvious thing to do here would be to play a different clan (most people here will suggest Malkavian I'm sure, and trust me folks I'd love to try to get into one), but it doesn't seem like I'm gonna be able to let myself do that. Games like Bloodlines don't exist anymore, they just don't and it really breaks my heart, so I really cherish them when I play them. I couldn't explain to you in words how much enjoyment I've gotten out of System Shock 2 and Deus Ex. I haven't played Redemption and I haven't played the Pen & Paper game either, but I have a few people that'd love to get into it with me. But for now... Bloodlines is what it's all about, I've beaten this game four times now, the fourth one being the most recent and like the previous three - it was a Brujah run. Furthermore, at the time of posting this, I'm about to blow up the Sabbat warehouse on my FIFTH Brujah run and it's almost just as good as the first or second time.

A bit of an odd post I've created here, any suggestions are more than welcome to be put on the table, even if they consist only of "PLAY A [INSERT CLAN HERE] GOGOGO THEY'RE AWESOME". Whatever you think I'm missing out on in this game, post it. I'm a very open-minded person, just a very picky one, so don't hesitate to suggest something. If you think I've misjudged a particular clan, tell me about it! You probably have more experience with them than I do! I'd be absolutely euphoric to wake up tomorrow morning and check this thread only to have someone prove me wrong about every single clan except for my own but unfortunately I can't see that happening except for Malkavian, Toreador, Tremere and Ventrue (of course, I could be wrong). Thanks in advance and don't take it to heart if I said your favorite clan was bad or anything like that, it's just that I prefer the Warrior archetype and it just so happens that only Brujah fills that role to its fullest extent. :V

That's perfect message I think . I am confused with clans :( But it seems Toreador and Tremere are my favorite clans :)

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Re: I can't enjoy any clan except...
« Reply #63 on: April 24, 2011, 12:49:48 AM »
My take:

Celerity: Clearly the best combat discipline in the game.  Not the best or even second best stealth discipline, but not bad for stealth. 

Dominate, Dementation, & Animalism: Useful to very useful, but don't bother spending XP on them.  The best power is the basic distraction power that you start off with.  Mods may change that for Animalism, but not for Dominate or Dementation.  Dominate also adds dialogue options which are fun, but not necessary if you have persuasion and not useful if you don't.  Dementation also adds dialgue options which are fun, and they *are* actually necessary because you often can't use the normal dialogue options for situations regardless of how persuasive you are. 

Auspex: Worthless in vanilla, but some mods make it useful for firearms using characters. 

Thaumaturgy: Only Blood Shield and perhaps Blood Strike are any use, so don't bother buying it above level 3 in vanilla.  Some mods also make the level 4 power useful. 

Obfuscate: Makes stealth a lot faster, but doesn't actually make stealth missions as much easier as you would think.  With some mods this fails you in combat against anyone serious (ie vampires). 

Presence: Not sure on this one.  It may make combat easier, particularly against numerous weaker enemies.  Possibly its perception penalty applied to enemies may even make sneaking easier, not sure about that. 

Protean: Generally not a good idea.  If you spend XP on proten then you can't really use guns effectively, which hurts in late-game.  If you want to play a pure melee character protean is acceptable though. 

Fortitude: Good.  Well, good for combat anyway. 

Potence: Good for melee combat, but only for melee combat.  Prefer other disciplines when possible. 


in-game: Any clan with Celerity is good. 
P&P: Damned punks have no self-control.  Unacceptable. 

in-game: Any clan with Celerity is good. 
P&P: Acceptable. 

in-game: Not much fun, but at least it's different. 
P&P: Acceptable. 

in-game: Lots of fun, but a bit difficult when you accidentally say something you didn't mean to. 
P&P: can be fun, but often a pain.  I'd rather have dominate than dementation if possible. 

in-game: Decent.  Don't think that this clan represents the mage-archetype in-game though, at least not without mods.  This clan gets the best reward by far in the Clan Quest mods clan-specific quests. 
P&P: A excellent set of disciplines, particularly if you like mage-archetypes, but how does your character fit in with his overbearing clan superiors? 

in-game: A generally solid clan. 
P&P: Dominate is good, and being ventrue gives you an extra excuse to accumulate ghouls & childer, but despite that I'm not really a fan for some reason. 

in-game: Sub-par. 
P&P: Nice, but sometimes doesn't work well with others. 


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