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What happened in Downtown yesterday

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Hi everybody, had some weird event in Downtown on newest patch and would like to share it. I made even screenschot but forgoten to save it (damn me)

Well in one moment every npc i saw with that red-bluse-dark-hair male model started attacking thugs around, and If there was no any he wa running trouch city searchin for someone. Is that bug or it's "normal"? Anyone seen something like that too?

It's regular street violence AFAIK

So far, the guys with the red jackets always lost in my games


--- Quote from: Barabbah on April 17, 2020, 04:11:50 pm ---It's regular street violence AFAIK

--- End quote ---

Sure, but it was a moment and only buddies in red jackets  started to do that  :walloftext:

Looks like conspiracy

This is intended. Troika set up two different gangs, internally called "Jets" and "Sharks", to attach each other on sight :)!


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