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What did you today in the World of Darkness?

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I thought, we could make a thread, where you can post everything WoD related in. Wether it is a good LARP or P&P session, a rereading of some of the novels, another go with Bloodlines, a cosplay...

I may as well beginn.
Today, I played the ClanQUestMod a bit more with my Nosferatu gentleman Mycroft Holmes. I found a really cool Nosferatu skin (it's this one: and I think, Gary will be very impressed. After I finished the CQM with a Toreador, that did join the Sabbat and ended the game with a really low humanity, I will play Mycroft probably as a really nice guy. He gives Mercurio his money back, helps Heather and does generally good stuff. He probably will go with the Camarilla ending, because he likes to join his clanmates.
Another playthrough, I have waiting, is my Malkavian Hannah P. Lovecraft. She will be based on my P&P character as much as I can play her that way. My Hannah is musician and explorer and a very social gal.

Another thing, I'm planning, is a story set in the WoD universe, for my next NanoWriMO camp in July. It is a crossover story between my own dark fantasy universe and the WoD, because I think, they might go well together.

I'm just waiting.  :)

I changed the magazines at the Sin Bin so that I didn't have to look at Chin Magazine anymore. 

I... opened it.


--- Quote from: DarkZephyr on June 05, 2019, 12:01:34 am ---I changed the magazines at the Sin Bin so that I didn't have to look at Chin Magazine anymore.

--- End quote ---

Wrong topic? :P


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