Did you get this game because it's WOD related, or does that not matter to you?

Author Topic: VTMB as a game, or WoD?  (Read 3585 times)

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Re: VTMB as a game, or WoD?
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I first played Bloodlines in my second year in high school, when one of my friends gave it to me. I also remember that I have spent THE ENTIRE SUMMER playing the game - everyone sunbathes on the beach while I sunbathe in front of my PC, not regretting a second of it. Wish I could turn the clock, to experience it once again as I did for the first time. Ever since then, I play Bloodlines as an annual marathon, just to keep the skill fresh. :vampwink:
After playing it, I've been intrigued by the entire WOD so I've taken up some clan novels and read. Of course, I finished Redemption beforehand.  :rock: 
Unofficial patches....they're a blessing. :rock:
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