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Viewing multiple endings

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[archive] Malygris67360767:
                I just finished my second go-round with the game, choosing the Lacroix ending this time. I'd like to see the others (particularly the Kuei-Jin ending), but I really don't feel like slogging through more not-entirely-interesting-after-a-while combat just to see them. Is there some way the video files can be extracted from the game so I can see what goes down without having to actually, you know... work for it?

[archive] Umnir:
                I cannot recall, but they aren't videofiles. They cutscenes are made with the game engine. Maybe if anyone have the savegames for the endings?                         -----signature-----           It's an animal thing

[archive] Malygris67360767:
                Yes, good point. I've done some digging, but the only link I could find to any saved games is from 2004, and of course is long gone. My own saved game gives me every option except the Kuei-jin's, I must have done something to annoy Ming Xiao somewhere along the line. I thought I was being nice to her. Anyway, does anyone have a savegame with the Kuei-jin option included they could hook me up with?

[archive] arathalion_5:
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 no... you just have to be carefull with what you say to "caine"... the lacriox, the loner and the annarch endings get pushed a bit, the camarilll one is a little harder to find... and the kuejin ending is the hardest... it all depends what you say to our lovely taxt driver.
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[archive] bogj:
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 Save the game right after the bloodhunt and before you get into the cab.
 If you are nice to LaCroix and Ming Xhao, you can see four of the five endings.  
 There may be a way to get the tremere ending without being tremere but I have never seen the option come up.
 You can actually cruise through the rest of the game fairly quickly using notarget and godmode.
 When testing a patch, I usually play through once without cheats and then go through the other endings with godmode and notarget.                         -----signature-----           You may be immortal, but steel will dismember you.  -Robert E. Howard


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