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Transcript of All Lines in the Game


Hey, guys! It's so good to be active again on the forum! I've regularly kept up to date with your discussions, although I haven't been posted anything since the migration on I've finally built up the courage to re-register and ask you guys for a favor: Do any of you, modders or players, have a transcript of all the lines, spoken or appearing on the screen, that belong to either NPCs or the player (from every clan option)? I'm planning on writing an academic article on the semantic universe of Bloodlines and I would very much appreciate it if you provided me with such a document. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it on my own :( Thanks in advance for all your help.

To get this you just need to look at the dlg files which you can open with any normal text editor. The first line is from the NPC, then nine possible answers by the player follow. Then NPC, then player, and so on. Normally cutscene voices are included there as well, but NPC conversations are stored elsewhere.


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