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Red eyes?

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Just a quick question to any of you knowing more about VtM lore (IanW, are you reading?): Which clans are able to show red eyes? I always thought this was limited to Gangrel and related clans like that of the Sheriff.

Is level 1 of protean... so any one that has access to this discipline...
In vanilla pen&paper only grangrel

Now I'm thinking of a salubri using protean LOL

if you mean glowing eyes,there is a flaw for it which other vampires can take it too.not sure if is something that can be put into lore however.

Glowing eyes is a flaw. Dont gives any benefic. Read eyes allow you seeing in absolute darkness, and improves your perception dices in +1.
Also some grangrel got if permanent. Thats the reason that Beckett use sunglasses


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