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The Crawling Darkness Discussion
« on: February 13, 2007, 09:43:00 pm »
                Alright, gonna be creating my own adventure, so here you can post characters, etc. I think most of you know the drill.
 Time period: present day
 Setting: a vast metropolis. The vampires are able to hide well in this community because there are so many humans to hide amongst.
 World and rules: Non-WoD or Requiem. Basically, I'll give the rules here. I will decide ultimately whether certain characters live or die. The wounding is very much like this: blunt objects and firearms hurt, sharp objects hurt even more. Fire, sunlight, that kinda thing = death. Crosses = pain only on contact and if held by those who actually believe in God and Jesus, such as the vamp hunters. You get hit by a car, same as blunt objects.
 Powers: Up to you. I will ultimately decide what is appropriate, but as long as it is nothing too powerful, then I'll allow it.
 Clans and sects: The clans are more like hunting groups than actual clans. If a vampire from one of the groups sires another vampire, they are part of that group. But past that, there is no difference in how powerful the vampires are. It is all purely based on experience.
 The sects: There are two groups. One group is a dark, powerful sect, purely obsessed with attaining domination over humanity. These are known as the Vkusner. The other is purely focused with the survival of their race, by any means necessary. Enemies will be removed, risks shall be eliminated. They are known as the Glimr. The only rule on siring is that potential sirlings must be ascertained as those who are not risks before they are sired.
 There are no fated antediluvians set to bring about the destruction of the world. Just self-realised possible Gehennas (I use that word only because it is a true term. IT is not exclusively WoD's term).
 The story: Since the two sects first came into existence, they have been at war. Recently it has become all that more obvious that one or other side must be destroyed. You are slap-bang in the middle of this situation, and are initially on the side of the Glimr, though that might all change. You must find out a way for your side to gain an upper hand, as so far it has remained at a stalemate.
 What way you can do so, you do not know. However it is, though, it must be obtained.
 Here's the layout of your character sheets
 Age: (and it can be absolutely anything within reason)
 Clothing: (other than what he/she's wearing at the time)
 Potential Powers: (Powers which you can suggest to be allowed. Give descriptions of the powers)
 Anything else that you feel urgently important, please type, because I need to know how I can improve on things.                        


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