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No Camarilla ending What went wrong

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[archive] Meira74637127:
                No matter what I do, the only option given to my Ventrue is the lone wolf ending. (?!) I didn't betray Max to Isaac and I've completed the 'regents riddle' quest (or so the journal indicates). In all dialogues I've tried to take the Camarilla side and I was fairly rude to Ming Xiao, so I understand that I don't get offered the Anarch or Kuie-Jin endings. However, I did expect to be offered the Camarilla (no LaCroix) ending.
 I have both the official patch (1.2) and the unofficial one (3.2).                                                                            

[archive] Starrathiel:
                Hmm ..
 In Reply To #1
 Did you perform the Plaguebearer quest in the Downtown area
 on behalf of Maximillian? If you did not then I believe
 this might prevent you from acquiring the true Camarilla
 ending. Although I am not certain.
 I do not use unofficial patches so I cannot tell if that
 is standing in your way. When you speak to Ca ..... bby
 about the Camarilla he will express his dismay that the
 LaCroix's in the world caused him to lose faith in that
 faction but if he were deposed he might regain his faith.
 The character wonders who might replace him and arrive
 at the conclusion that Maximillian would do so.
 You should go for the option at the first oppurtunity, if
 one wavers in their dedication I noticed the option will
 not be offered again.
 You should be able to get the Anarch ending even if you
 completely ignored the whole motley bunch. Unless of
 course your responses seriously ticked off any Anarchs.
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[archive] Meira74637127:
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 I don't even really get the opportunity to talk about the Camarilla with the cab driver. My only dialogue options relate very specifically on my character 'wanting to get hell out of there' or 'kicking everyone's butt' and then finally agreeing on killing both Ming and LaCroix on her own.
 Maybe it's the plaguebearer quest, I did talk to both Damsel and Max. However, last time when I played with a Toreador (who tried to keep on the good side of everyone) I did get an option to get the Camarilla ending (or at least I think I did), even though I had done the plaguebearer guest to Damsel and only afterwards talked with Max. What I'm sure of is that the Toreador got a lot more dialogue options with the cab driver.

[archive] Starrathiel:
                Hmm ..
 In Reply To #3
 The dialogue options with Cabby are normally speaking
 dependant on your character's standing with the various
 factions and have little to do with the particular clan
 she belongs to.
 You can perform the Plaguebearer quest on Maximillians
 behalf by speaking with him before your character speaks
 with Damn-Sail. Ask him about the goings on in the area
 and he will mention the trouble. Then your character can
 offer to look into it for him. When you complete the
 quest return to him to claim a useful item. It does not
 matter afterwards if you speak with Damn-Sail first.
 As long as you do not tattle on him to Isaac about the
 rampaging Golem (to be certain, before you go to finish
 it off, confront Maximillian first - pick up the book
 on thaumathurgical creatures in the chantry and succesfully
 persuade him to admit that the thing was his creation. He
 will give you an item that protects you from the thing as
 well as the quest to destroy it).. you should unlock the
 Camarilla ending.
 Ignore the Anarchs after the plaguebearer quest and you
 should be able to unlock the Anarch ending.
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 to fly like the birds... to be set free.
 Why couldn't I stop until I had died?
 It was hate for myself hidden inside
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[archive] Meira74637127:
                In Reply To #4
 I think I found the problem while snooping around in the cab drivers dialogue (caine.dlg). There is a logical error on the early part of the dialogue, after this line:
 It sounds as if there are many who seek to sway the children of Caine to their side... many who believe they shape the destiny of the blood. You work for Prince LaCroix, don't you?
 The reply options given to your character are: 1. Side with the prince; 2. Side with the Anarchs; 3. Side with Ming; and 4. Lone wolf. There is no option to side with the Camarilla available at this juncture. Since my character has closed both the Anarch and Ming options, by being rude to them  and hasn't been kissing the prince's ass hard enough, she's offered only the Lone Wolf option.
 If you are able to choose either of Anarchs or the Prince options you can switch to the Camarilla ending in the next dialogue block. No such luck with the Lone Wolf or Ming. Or so it seems after a fairly quick look at the dialogue.
 I looked up the variables that allow you to have the Camarilla ending and my character meets the requirements:
 G.Regent_Pissed = 0 (not = 3 was required)
 G.Regent_Introduced == 1
 G.Isaac_Please == 0
 [added Feb 15 2007  4:04AM]
 BTW, I noticed that I might have posted this on the wrong section of the forum. I'm sorry.


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