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New discovery? VTMB pitch document

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I'm sure you know, but have never really noticed, the skill books throughout the game:

Specifically the little lines of text inside the 3d model of the book.

For something that players are never going to see, most people would probably just use Lorem Ipsum text to fake it, and call it a day.

But apparently Troika used their own pitch document for Bloodlines, or at least part of it (the text is identical on the left and right pages). I stumbled across page_text.ttz while I was looking for a different texture. I've been able to make out everything except one word.

Spoiler for Hiden: Every game of chess begins with one move.

Your story begins on a rain-soaked evening, in a pay-by-the-hour motel just off the Sunset Strip. You are the bastard property of an anarch Lick, sired against the Traditions of the Kindred. Your fate was sealed before the (???)'s teeth ever punctured your neck. An outcast to both kine and Kindred, you wander the streets until you are hunted down and brought before the newly appointed Camarilla prince. The prince, holding only the most tenuous of authority in an anarch city like Los Angeles, is forced to hand down harsh judgment. Your sire is killed immediately. You are given a difficult ordeal to prove your worth.

In chess, small moves start the game, but they are always the most important.

From there, it's a stark, sinister ride through the shadowed warrens of Los Angeles, from the smoky, neon-cast rooms of the underground club scene to hidden vampire fortresses in the Hollywood hills. Along the way, a mystery begins to take shape involving the most powerful of Cainite society and other supernatural creatures. You don't know who to trust. Perhaps it is all an elaborate hoax created by the Malkavians, or a trap set by the Society of Leopold? And it seems that someone, or something, is helping you. Pushing you in certain directions. Or perhaps it is everything else that is being pushed around you.

Chess masters can see many moves in advance. Some can play the whole game before it even begins.

Welcome to the world of Vampire: Bloodlines
A Camarilla prince has moved into LA, looking for a way to establish his authority. Having secretly negotiated an agreement, the Kuei-Jin have begun to perpetuate the myth that Jeremy MacNeil was not actually killed in the battle of Signal Hill and that he has returned to Los Angeles. At the same time, the Kuei-Jin have begun to commit vampiric crimes in the city, and are making it look as if MacNeil is doing them. All of this is to undermine the anarch's belief in their fallen leader, and to have them turn to the prince for their new leadership. The Kuei-Jin, unbeknownst to the prince, hope to use this situation to establish their own power in L.A., wiping out both the anarchs and the Camarilla.

The PC, newly and illicitly Embraced, is shown mercy by the prince and is allowed to prove himself through an ordeal. After completing this, he begins to work for Anastasz di Zagreb, a Tremere justicar, sent by the Camarilla to investigate a report of diablerie. Strangely, the Ankaran Sarcophagus, a newly discovered ancient relic from Turkey, has "disappeared into thin air," stolen from the Museum of Natural History. The prince, worried about violations of the Masquerade (as well as the possible importance of the sarcophagus to the thieves, who he assumes are Kindred) has the PC begin to investigate the matter.

The story begins to unfold. Half of the time the PC is working for the justicar (who knows nothing of the prince's machinations, but is beginning to suspect) gathering the 'evidence' against MacNeil, and the other half of the time he is looking into the Ankaran Sarcophagus. It is while the PC is investigating the sarcophagus that he eventually finds the clues that lead him to discover the connection between the prince and the Kuei-Jin, and allow for the final conflict, and resolution of the story.

The assumption, presented in more detail in the following section, is that a very powerful vampire introduced the Ankaran Sarcophagus to the situation in LA. Seeing the possible implications of a power shift to the Kuei-Jin, he masterminds a plot to expose the connection between the prince and the Kuei-Jin, and neutralize them both.
Given the words "the following section," this is probably just the first part of the pitch, but it's interesting to see how the plot changed in development.

Now that's interesting, thank you very much for sharing! :)

Wow, great find!
That's very interesting and explains why there're textures for a justicar (materials/models/npc/unique/downtown/justicar/...). These textures even look like they were created at the beginning of the game's development. The only other npc I know of with a set of textures in a similar style is Jack. Jack's textures were uodated obviously, but the old ones are still there in the files. This suggests that the justicar was at some point indeed one of the main characters, but was cut rather early.
It really looks like you found a part of Troika's pitch document.
Wesp, what are your thoughts on this?


--- Quote from: Entenschreck on October 28, 2019, 10:43:51 PM ---Wow, great find!
 This suggests that the justicar was at some point indeed one of the main characters, but was cut rather early.

--- End quote ---

---  or that Strauss morphed into an under cover justicar.  It would explain a lot, especially the Camerilla ending. 


--- Quote from: Entenschreck on October 28, 2019, 10:43:51 PM ---Wesp, what are your thoughts on this?

--- End quote ---

I already knew about the Justicar, but it is interesting to see how they once planned to use him. I first had him as a guard in the Giovanni Mansion until I learned what he is supposed to be, so now he stands behind Strauss when he dethrones LaCroix!


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