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Re: Stealth and Obfuscate
« on: March 05, 2007, 03:05:00 pm »
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  •                 I'm trying a Nos for the first time and I'm wondering about Stealth vs Obfuscate.  Do I even need to put anything into stealth?  I feel like it would be helpful when walking around on ground level but the points are probably better spent elsewhere, right?  I don't know too much about the game/mechanics/strats so any advice would be helpful.  Thanks.                        



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    Stealth and Obfuscate
    « Reply #1 on: March 05, 2007, 03:28:00 pm »
                    Hmm ..
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    pappasj posted:

     I'm trying a Nos for the first time and I'm wondering about Stealth vs Obfuscate.

     Basically you should consider Stealth the same as Obfuscate
     but without the relevant blood cost. At the higher levels I
     personally find that the Stealth skill makes the Obfuscate
     power pretty much obsolete, relegating it to those few
     times where one would wish to pass unnoticed and the skill
     cannot do it. Those moments are quite few.
     With a high stealth score your character can pretty much
     crouch under a victim's nose without the kine spotting you.
     You can do the same with Obfuscate but it costs blood to
     maintain it.
     Above the ground the Stealth skill is about pointless. The
     game is not designed to handle the devastatingly handsome
     visage of the Nosferatu clan in a proper manner. While the
     Kine may notice the Red Eyes of the Gangrel clan from
     across two city blocks and subsequently trigger a
     Masquerade Violation, the only way the stunningly
     beautiful Nosferatu will trigger the same violation is
     when the Kine quite literally trip over her.
     Keep to the center of the road and your Nosferatu can move
     about freely above ground, the Kine simply fail to notice.
     So approach a vendor like Larry from the street and you
     will not run the risk of an embarrasing violation while in
     negotiation because a random kine bumps into your
     Technically speaking you do not need to develop the Stealth
     skill if you plan to jack the Obfuscate power to the
     maximum. However note that the Nosferatu are extremely
     suited to it. Myself with the Nosferatu I take a second dot
     in Obfuscate then quickly increase the stealth skill to the
     maximum. Nosferatu do not need more in the blood power
     when the skill is developed.
     The result is an extremely stealthy character that can
     pretty much stealth kill any non-boss character from any
     direction and is not in danger of running short of blood
     during prolongued stealth missions. But this goes true for
     almost all clans.
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