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Looking for a TTZ to VTF Batch Converter, or info on converting TTZ myself

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[archive] DaedalusRaistlin:
                Hi everyone, the title pretty much explains it all.
 I'm looking for either a program that will convert TTZ images to VTF format, by use of commandline preferably (so I can write a batch file to do it.)
 Either that, or actual code that would convert it to some other format (.bmp,.tga, etc) so I can run vtex on it and convert it there.
 Any help is appreciated!                         -----signature-----           Project Moderator of the Bloodlines Revival Project
 Visit the project at

[archive] Tessera72751098:
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 VPK Tool. You can find info about it all over this board in the Modding section.

[archive] MooCHa2:
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 PM Turster. It's your best option but I haven't seen turfster around for months.

[archive] DaedalusRaistlin:
                Well, I ended up biting the bullet and just using VPK tool.
 Several hours in, I'm still converting images :\
 Luckily, I downloaded a macro program and it's doing it folder by folder for me                         -----signature-----           Project Moderator of the Bloodlines Revival Project
 Visit the project at

[archive] Czud2:
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 VampEd can convert all the tth files in Bloodlines to tga's recursively just right click on the directory you want to convert and select copy, then right click on a destination directory and click paste as targa.  All tth's in or below the selected directory will be converted to tga's.
 The program is available on Paines site if you haven't seen it.                                                                            


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