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I am stuck in the Giovanni Stronghold in the final boss fight where you face the two Asian Brothers. I keep dying. I am playing as a Nosferatu with a high ranged (7) build.

Can anyone help me?

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Mmh, the final part of the game is known to be unbalanced for some builds. Anyway, try to fight them in the stairs and concentrate on one of them. Once one is down it should be easier deal with the other.
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The brothers are definitely one of the harder fights. I have died a lot to this fight. Its a point in the game at which your build gets tested for its combat viability. I dont remember actually ever giving up at this point, but I definitely remember needing up to three tries before it went through.

A well build Nosferatu shouldnt have any trouble at all at this point, though.

Ranged builds are the strongest in this game. The problem is the cost for bullets, which is why I always go for a hybrid that also has some melee power as well, and prefer using the ranged weapons for which you get bullets for free while adventuring, even if those arent the best ranged weapons.

Stay back at the entry of the level, keep the brother busy with Animalism (especially the Wolves), and shred them with bullets.

This way they will have trouble even touching you.

If they touch you, keep track of your health and use bloodpack for healing. And this great item from Prisha, of course.

Staying back and the entry of the level is the general advice I can give for this fight in general. The brothers cant do their magic mumbo jumbo at all, and they can only attack you one at a time. The only problem is sometimes getting them to attack you in the first place, but a bit of patience and possibly some bullets should motivate them.

P.s.: Attacking them with melee however turned out to be problematic/impossible if they are attacked by wolves. The wolves also dont stay that long. Still, to good ranged skill and good ranged weapons the brothers shouldnt be an issue.
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