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Re: inspection feat
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  •                 What exactly does it do?                        



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    Re: inspection feat
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                    Hmm ..
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     The Inspection feat points out valuable or hard to notice
     items and locations through a "sparkly aura" that might
     otherwise be missed. For example, when you proceed through
     the tutorial and inside the warehouse you jump atop the
     boxes a set of lockpicks will be pointed out.
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    Re: inspection feat
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     Make sure that when you play Malk, max out your Inspection. This will allow you to notice every hard-to-find item. Some of them are too small for one to find even by memory.
     In character creation, put all the points in Perception and Investigation, and keep doing so in the game.                        



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    inspection feat
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                    ya thares a powerful item in the nosfaratu airea the size of a candy raper and its on the flore                        


               o shit I think I just opened pandora's box