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Favorite NPC?

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There are many great npc's in the game.  In fact what first sucked me in (no pun intended) was not the combat but the stories of the characters like Therese and Jeanette.  I like the idea that they are polar opposites of each other and yet are the same person.  When Jeanette talked about Therese's tragic past you begin to realize how the Jeanette personalty was born.  It blew me away.  These characters in fact all the npc's have so much personality and charisma.  Plus the voice acting is superb.  The only other game I can think of with great voice acting all around is the Legacy of Kain series. 

Like I said many times before I like all the npc's in the game, even minor ones like Tin Can Bill.  It's hard to choose just one but I would have to pick Therese/Jeanette, because they set the tone for the other npc's that would follow.  Second would have to be Beckett.  But like I said they are all great and well written.

So who is your favorite npc?

I have several favorite characters: Gary of course, Mitnick, Beckett, Damsel, Andrei.
I agree, that most characters are interesting, but some I can't really stand. VV is the one, I could do without the most.


--- Quote from: Talyn82 on May 25, 2020, 04:35:36 am ---When Jeanette talked about Therese's tragic past you begin to realize how the Jeanette personalty was born.  It blew me away.

--- End quote ---
Exactly the same happened to me! Before the sister's revelation I thought Bloodlines was just another FPS/RPG hybrid, but then I got some deep writing which I never had experienced in a computer game before. And the ending set another one on top too! As for favorite NPCs, there are so many I like. And all of them feel so real, a little bit exaggerated at times but like actual people, which hardly is the case in most computer games...
@fylimar: You often mention that you can't stand VV. Can you explain why? It almost looks as if you are a female yourself who is just jealous about her model stripper looks ;).

One of mine is Isaac. He looks even better with my new reskin:

Well, I'm not female and I can't stand VV either. Her whole behaviour makes me want to rip her tongue out and feed it to her. :animesucks:
She's so "precious flower" it makes me vomit (even though I have no stomach).

But I agree, almost all the npcs are interesting, even if I don't like them. Too bad we don't get to see or hear more from Grout.


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