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Favorite Hub?

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What is your favorite hub in the game?  Mine is Santa Monica.  I personally like all the npc's in the game even the villains, but I really like the atmosphere and npc's in Santa Monica like Tourette, Knox, Bertram, Mercurio. I really like Tourette's backstory and was blown away by it when I first heard it. Plus for some reason I never suspected Therese and Jeanette to be the same person, since they are polar opposite's of each other. I like Knox and his aloof nature. I like how he almost blows your cover when you first meet him. Bertram is a Nosferatu so I like hime anyway. Mercurio like me is from NY and reminds me of people I've known growing up here.

So what is your favorite hub?

Wonderful topic ! Can't believe we've never had this discussion before. From best to worst:

- Santa Monica
- Hollywood
- Downtown
- Chinatown

I agree with Talyn82, some of the best characters are in Santa Monica. To me though, it's a very serene but also sinister environment: there's the beach and the thinbloods just trying to chill but there's also The Asylum and the Ocean House Hotel. Chinatown was ok, I don't think there was a bad hub per se but I felt it was the one that didn't live up to its potential.

I agree with your ranking of best to worst.  Hollywood is my second favorite hub with memorable npc's like Isaac, VV, Andrei, the Noferatu, Romero, and even the thug you meet in the back alley.  Oh!  I forgot you also meet the greatest npc in gaming ever, Chunk in Santa Monica!

Hail Chunk !

I think the Sheriff kills him in the end though, or is that just a random security guard he throws at you ?


--- Quote from: Highwayman667 on May 18, 2020, 06:58:23 pm ---Hail Chunk !

I think the Sheriff kills him in the end though, or is that just a random security guard he throws at you ?

--- End quote ---

I think that's a random security guard.  Cause the three times I've completed the game my Tremere and Toreador were forced to kill him.  My Malkavian though used Dementation on him.

What if Chunk is really Caine!  Most fans assume it's the cabby but Chunk has been there from the start, and he's always been there when you go to speak with LaCroix.


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