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Clan Quest and Dragon Spear
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:05:03 AM »
It's not strange that Clan Quest and Dragon Spear both modify twenty-year-old games with the same themes. The difference is that the latter is bought.

Transexualism is in both. In Clan Quest an Asian woman is one that has been a man in her past life. In Baldur's Gate, you talk to a person who wasn't assigned correctly. People fuck orcs.

Feminism is in both. In Clan Quest you meet the chola Latin Queen. In Dragon Spear you meet a weak Joan of Arc.

The writing and voice acting is much better in Clan Quest. The writing and voice acting is poor in Dragon Spear.

Good work on Clan Quest. There are no 'good' options. One must be a gorilla or pimp. No honor options. No choices for killing. You just have to be evil.

Someone will say, of course, that joining the Sabbat means you must be bad.

Those people don't know the game. The Sabbat bypass morality with religion. They rule with alternate morality.

The Sabbat bypass humanity with alternate theology. Thus: the Sabbat. Or Shabbut. Or whatever you may call it.

I didn't enjoy Clan Quest. The point of playing is to have a choice. No choice means NO GAME. No game means no play. Do better.

Eh guey.

Good game, though. I didn't expect you bright-folks, here. You encompass all. I laugh with you. And I play, too.

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Re: Clan Quest and Dragon Spear
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2019, 09:11:45 AM »
I really don't agree with you chowmanfu, you have several options in cqm. You can join sabbat or not, even inside the sabbat there're differents factions and differents endings.
I enjoyed a lot of cqm and if you think that is a one person work looks like ever more impressive.
I agree with you, is better that Dragon Spear, in my opinion is a poor work of a greedy studio trying to make money with the fantastic work done for Black Isle 20 years ago.

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Re: Clan Quest and Dragon Spear
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2019, 06:51:29 AM »

CQM is definitely not only one person's work. It is easy to observe. There was help.

Choices are not centered around 'humanity' in CQM. This is no complaint. It is nice to have a modernization of an old game. I am still playing through CQM to learn about modernity. I am an old player of the pen-and-paper.

I speak because the mod essentially offers only Sabbat choices. "Kill this guy." "Pimp this girl."

In the pen-and-paper game, moral choices were the basis. This is so in the vanilla computer game. The QCM mod isn't based on any moral choice. The vanilla computer game makes humanity fun. The jokes are funny. CQM takes out humanity and isn't humorous.

The clan quests are meaningless. Get this. Do that. Nothing you do has any personal significance. You play the game for no reason. I'll finish a few playthroughs to study modern thought.

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Re: Clan Quest and Dragon Spear
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2019, 06:48:05 PM »
Sabbat were never about morals, conventional or alternate. Sabbat are, for the first and foremost, about getting the job done, in long term, Antediluvians. Even for a Path follower, these principles aren't moral, they're ethical. Morals are exclusive for the Path of Humanity.
Unlike morals, ethics aren't about emotions. Violating an ethical rule won't make one feel sorry, on the other hand, following doesn't grant warm fuzzies, but purely an intellectual sense of fulfillment. It's hard to put into a word or understand, unless you're a bit of a Path follower IRL, think of business ethics or professional ethics pushed to the logical extreme.

Transexualism is in both. In Clan Quest an Asian woman is one that has been a man in her past life.
So what? Does reincarnation have to be gender-specific or she has any unusual tastes on this matter because of this? Besides, a really weird reason to object, considering that every damn woman here (save Mira) is AC/DC for no reason at all, that, actually, seems pretty tame next to the bulk. Personally, I don't consider gender change perversion, unlike the former.

However, I can agree on the lack of choices, not much room for maneuver if you're into RP-ing, to put it short, your own kind of "low Humanity" character or an aspiring Path follower, either. Well done plot otherwise, linearity aside.
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