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Blood Hunt, Masquerade Violation?

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I have not played the game in a month  But I've always wondered if the Blood Hunt that LaCroix calls for, if it's not a masquerade violation?  I mean there are vampires all over the Santa Monica hub freely using their disciplines.  I've seen Gangrel in their transformed state.  I seen Toreador using Celerity.  Aren't they violating the masquerade?

Well, there are no civilians watching....

Yes, I know and I also find that strange.  It's like the civilians know.

Or like they have been taken care off.... Fu**in meatbags

I thought that was strange too; where are all the humans? Even LaCroix couldn't have had all of Santa Monica killed. So I can only imagine he's pulled some strings to fake some kind of anti-terrorist, stay-indoors-for-your-safety police action and everyone is lying low.

...or at this point the devs were rushing the story and realism went out of the window. :P


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