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Anyone else suffering badly a Bloodlines withdrawal

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[archive] therion25152033:
                The story, the music, the characters, the advancement, the enviroment, the variety, the speech, the immersion, the gameplay, best game I ever played, Bloodlines was the perfect game I just couldn't do anything else until it was over early in 2005, sucking on every tiny bit of content it had.
 But it left a void, playing it again won't cut it, and there is nothing remotly close to it even in the works.
 There's any hope for anything like it even in the future?                                                                            

[archive] Kyadoshi:
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 Yep. Plenty of writers and programmers around. Just need someone with the passion to organize them.                                                                            

[archive] Tessera72751098:
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 Well... we could try a massive write-in campaign to ActiVision...
 Encouraging new people to buy the game is another way. I've been doing so, on my own site... although my site is small and we don't advertise or anything. But... if the publisher saw a sudden upsurge in new sales of Bloodlines, then they would be foolish not to ask themselves "Why..?" and then (perhaps) act accordingly. Responding to the market is what it's all about, for publishers.

[archive] RakishAzrael:
                you are all aware of course that
 A.) write-in campaignss, no matter how huge, will never work, and have been tried regardless, all failing miserably.
 B.) Regardless of the volume of writers, programmers, and modders present here on PV, we lack the funds, manpower, dedication, technology, and most importantly liscencing to create even the most rhudimentry of video games.
 C.) A Vampire MMORPG has been announced by White Wolf (theres a thread about it somehwere), and will probably come out some time int he next 2-7 years.
 paitence fledglings (and tess), paitence.                         -----signature-----           
 ~Becuase 300,000 screaming fans can't be wrong~                                                       

[archive] CaptainBoxman:
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 You beat me to it Az                         -----signature-----           Boxmen stand tall and ever vigilant!


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