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Andrei's final speech

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[archive] s4nct1m0ny:
                In the last dialogue with Andrei, I remember him saying something like, "I could smell the essence of your blood, even over the flood of my fallen brethren, very potent? Doesn't that make you wonder?"
 Subtlety evades me, but all I can understand is the following:
 1) Andrei has a mystical connection with other members of the Sabbat, which is why he feels their death.
 2) Your vampire has very "potent" blood.
 3) It was so potent that it overrode the feeling he had when the members of the Sabbat were dying.
 4) He also says, "The strength of your blood is all that saved you from yourself." Which is pretty much him saying that my lack of "beastly"-ness weakened me and that the only reason I survived through the hotel was because of the strength of the player character's blood.
 So I am guessing that your character is supposed to be special. He has powerful blood. But what I don't understand is why or how he is so powerful? Acquired? Inherited? How so, either way? Is there a reason for the potence of the character's blood? Is there any relevance of this to the story?
 Is there an answer to this without speculating deeply and considering only what we know from the surface?
 PS: Please don't give the usual nonsense of "Use the Search function". Nobody is forcing you to reply.                                                                            

[archive] ElGostro:
                A function of search ye must use!
 hehehes,a joke of utmost poorness,but bout the feelin deaths of other clan members that be cuz sabbat bloodbod each others all rounds as practice most common n requires ta be in the house o frat!                                                                            

[archive] AriannaLewellyn:
                Someone mentioned in another thread (can't remember which one) that your PC seems unusually strong for a fledgling, and they were always hoping that it would be explained.  I feel the same way.  Someone also wondered if there was more to LaCroix's execution of your sire than a simple matter of illegal progeny, that perhaps your sire was more powerful than implied and he/she and LaCroix were in some type of power struggle.  I always wondered about LaCroix's line in the end game when you fight against him:  "Like sire like childe.  I should have killed you when I had the chance."  A strange thing for him to say considering in the opening cinematic he referred to your sire as a "loyal and upstanding member of our organization."  That, among a few other things mentioned in the game, make me wonder if there's not a backstory that was dropped.                                                                            

[archive] Slaydin:
                In Reply To #3
 That was your's truly. It was a big long dispute and we never reached a conclusion.
 [added Feb 13 2007 11:32AM]
 Heh. That was also before I became such a World of Darkness buff.                                                                            

[archive] AriannaLewellyn:
                Yup, that was the thread.  I always felt from my first gameplay that your character was something more, and was rather disappointed that it was never explained.                                                                            


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