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Title: What does "Nightcry" do?
Post by: SwedishLemon on August 04, 2018, 09:35:06 PM
Just like to start off by saying how annoyed I am at how little information there is on this mod, when these problems should be common for anyone playing. It's like the whole community dropped off prior to 1.1 being released.

Anyway, I'm a female Nagaraja and the Level 5 Nihillistics power, "Nightcry," doesn't seem to do... well, it doesn't seem to do anything. It costs blood, violates the masquerade, creates the Nihillistics aura, and then... nothing. It supposedly summons creatures from the shadowlands, but I see no such thing. Using it seems to be a total waste. Do I have to use it with Necromancy as well? Not sure what to do here.
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