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Skeleton supply
« on: July 04, 2017, 10:42:33 PM »

I'm currently playing as the Tsimitse girl. I've five dots in the Viscitiude (please forgive the spelling) and I'm eager to try the summoning of Szlachta's (funny term for them, but whatever! WhiteWolf world seems to be mixed up).
I've got the Raw human flesh. The problem is with the Skeleton. I've used the Bonecraft on some unfortunates and the resulting item is called Bones.

So, how do I gain the Skeleton in the game, so that I could make a Szlachta monster?

I've a level 3 of Reserch but I'm able to push it to 5 soon, only I'm not certain if it's neccessery to go through with the discipline.
I've also tried the little-two-legged-ghouls-making thing (equip Raw human flesh and attack) and they appeared, it worked, so the Szlachta should too. 

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