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I can't even start a new game...(please help)
« on: January 04, 2017, 10:06:44 pm »
I posted this on steam but I'll post it here too.

Alright, so I got Antitribu downloaded and stuff, but I have a problem with actually getting the game to start. As far as I've tested, I'm able to get to the Main Menu, click on save/load and Quit, but when I click on "New Game", it goes to the loading screen and then it suddenly stops saying "Vampire.exe has stopped working" annd crashes. I'm not able to get to the Character creation screen at all.

Just to note, I did do a clean install of VTMB, I did put down the thing I was supposed to in the area you're supposed to type in to activate the console (I don't remember the name atm ><") that went along the lines of "add_AntitribuMod". So I just have no idea what's wrong. I followed the Readme exactly and yet the game crashes no matter what.

The funny thing is that I decided to copy all the stuff in the antitribu mod folder and paste it into the bin or vampire folder (whichever one the files in the Antitribu mod folder would replace). This time I got the Antitribu starting vid (where a Samedi makes a person explode), but the crash still happens as described above. And yes, I deleted the "-game Antitribu_Mod" from launch options. Just what am I doing wrong?


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