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Where you get the thaumaturgical creatures book, after you solve the code
(1056), if your perception is high enough, you will notice that one of the books on the shelves can be pushed in.
This unlocks the tremere haven. If you go on the computer, there is an option to hack called "Talisman".
This will tell you how to get the gargoyle talisman without killing or talking to Strauss.
If you hack the "Refrigerator" option, you can get some raw flesh, bones, and the famed Werewolf Blood.
All three gargoyle ingredients, in one fell swoop!

Hope I helped!

EDIT: It has come to my attention that the answer to this conundrum has been posted before in another topic.
Regardless, I shall leave this here to help other neonates who want a gargoyle and have lost their way.
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