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Clan Weaknesses can be rough
« on: February 15, 2019, 11:42:07 pm »
The Samedi is so ugly, mine got attacked by the Brujah npcs at the Last Round and ended up having to massacre almost everybody in there and got a masquerade violation. And like my Nosferatu characters from the regular game, absolutely cannot get the quests from VV at Confession. That's 9 xp and money the toon is sort of getting cheated out of.

Also pretty sure I'm not playing the Nagaraja right. The hunger just seems to come entirely too often, and I'm breaking the bank at Vandal's buying meat because I cannot seem to find enough. So much so that Vandal ridicules the character for showing up so often. That was a first for me. Not sure why they can't just eat regular people that they've killed.

Finally Lasombra. I couldn't tell if it if was just plain bad luck or the official clan weakness, but this character was plagued by hunters from the very first time he set foot on Second Street. I haven't tried making a second Lasombra, but it only happened with this clan. There was one there hanging right away, and every time I've killed them a new one spawns. There's also at least one in each zone just waiting for me to show up. Killed about a dozen of these extra ones.

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Re: Clan Weaknesses can be rough
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2020, 12:57:34 am »

Of course I understand that this topic was started almost a year ago, but nevertheless I wish to reply to it in sake of the other members of the forum who may wonder about it.


1). I believe that the mod developers put these Anarch Kindred in The Last Round and near it not only to mark The Last Round as a gathering place of the Anarch vampires, but also in order to find proper application of the "Hag's Wrinkles" level 1 Power of the Thanatosis Discipline, because otherwise it is quite useless in the mod due to its short duration. I believe that everybody of these Anarch Kindred sees Samedi as a potential threat, because Samedi are well-known killers (moreover, they often take Camarilla contracts) and abominations and obviously this particular Samedi has surely come to assassinate him (or her) namely, so any of these Last Round vampires will attack Samedi character on sight (even if your Samedi is in the Crouch Mode and doesn't touch anything or somehow else reveals himself or herself!). So in order to avoid them Samedi character was meant to use "Hag's Wrinkles" Power. But nevertheless even then they can still notice you and attack due to the extremely short duration of this Power (16 sec.). So I'd rather recommend to use and properly renew level 2 or higher Obfuscate instead, so that they even have no chance to see your Samedi protagonist. Of course it's a waste of bloodpoints, but still it's better than to be attacked by them.

2). Samedi, like Nosferatu in the original game, cannot get quests from Venus at once, she just won't talk to him (or her) about them until Samedi will have accomplished Fat Larry's "Traffik" quest. And only after Fat Larry has recommended you to Venus and has told you about that she has a job for you in her Confession Club, your Samedi will have the opportunity to talk to Venus about her quests and finally get them.

3). You can manually increase the time span when Nagaraja doesn't suffer from her (or his) foul hunger editing an appropriate file of the mod. For this purpose open the file vamputil.py using any simple text editor like Notepad. The file is located in [your installed VtMB copy]/Antitribu_Mod/python folder. In vamputil.py find the block containing the lines

   if(__main__.G.NagarajaFeed == 1):
      NAGARAJA_MAX_COUNT = 20      # time if nagaraja pc already feed : Default 5 min
It means that the needed time span is 5 minutes (value 20). Change value 20 to whatever you want assuming that one minute is equal to value 4 (so say if you want the needed time span to be 30 minutes of the real playing time then change 20 to 120, cause 30*4=120).
You can also change the time when Nagaraja really suffers from her (or his) foul hunger after the previous time span has expired. By default it's 1 minute and it is coded in lines

      if(__main__.G.NagarajaHunger == 1):
         NAGARAJA_MAX_COUNT = 4   # time if nagaraja pc hunger (pc damage 10%) : Default 60 sec
The value to change here is 4 (i.e. 1 min.). The same drill. Then save the file not changing its name and format, i.e. leaving its name and the *.py ending unchanged, exit.

The same drill can be used to increase the time span when Tzimisce or OCT doesn't suffer from being away from his (or her) haven and has not slumbered in the coffin for this amount of time. For this purpose change proper values in the previous block of vamputil.py, the needed lines are

   if(__main__.G.TzimisceRested == 1):
        TZIMISCE_MAX_COUNT = 100      # time if Tzimisce  pc already sleep in heaven : Default 25 min

      if(__main__.G.TzimisceTired == 1):
            TZIMISCE_MAX_COUNT = 4   # time if Tzimisce  pc not sleep in heaven (pc damage 10%) : Default 60 sec

You can also make human raw flesh that Nagaraja uses to quench her (or his) foul hunger to stack in the inventory, so that you'll be able to keep in the inventory all human raw flesh pieces that you can find in the game (or have bought) in order to use them later. For this purpose open the file item_g_wireless_camera_4.txt that is located in [your installed VtMB copy]/Antitribu_Mod/vdata/items folder. In this file find the line

   "player_sell"      "7"

Make a new blank line after it, then another one where you should copy and paste these two:

   "is_stackable"       "1"
   "stacklimit"       "10"
Make another blank line, save the file and exit. So now the human raw flesh can be stacked in your inventory up to 10 pieces, just like Morphine or Desoxyn vials.
I hope that these little tricks will help to those who play as Nagaraja.

4). I suppose that Nagaraja can't just eat regular people that they've killed because of the limitations of the game's engine. The game is old, you know, it's hard to code corpse eating in it, I think, if it is possible at all. Though there is a scene in the original game where Pisha eats one of the Haunted LA, so maybe sometime somebody could make such scenes and implement them into the mod for Nagaraja characters, but definitely not me, I haven't needed knowledges for it.

5). I agree that the human vampire hunters spawning in all four basic areas of the game every time Lasombra set his (or her) foot in them are very annoying and even cheating, because you can sell all the weapons dropped from them for extra money. Theoretically it was meant to represent Lasombra's Clan Weakness of casting no reflections and therefore revealing themselves to the vampire hunters. But indeed Lasombra doesn't have to kill them all every time they are in the city. You can easily sneak past these seemingly almost blind vampire hunters if you have your Sneaking Feat enough high or you can use "Command" on them, level 1 Power of the Dominate Discipline that all Lasombra have from the start of the game. If you are lucky this power will freeze the vampire hunter for some time so you can freely go past him unharmed. If not - repeat using this power until "full satisfaction", thanks to that the Power can be reused after every 3 seconds (according to the file [your installed VtMB copy]/Antitribu_Mod/vdata/system/disciplinetgt_002.txt).
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Re: Clan Weaknesses can be rough
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2020, 09:32:06 am »
You seem to know much about the Antitribu Mod. Do you know if Lenuska is working on another update ;)?

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Re: Clan Weaknesses can be rough
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2020, 01:44:02 pm »
Hi Wesp5! Thanks, I'm honoured, but I believe that you know much more about the VtMB modding than I do, your Unofficial Patch 10.5 is great!

As far as I know nobody knows much when the new update to the mod will be released, though it's known that Lenuska is working on its version 1.2, but as always she has not much time to work on it, the progress is moving slowly. The Russian community of the Antitribu Mod in the Russian social network Vkontakte (https://vk.com/topic-124532_31788416?offset=0) also doesn't know much about it. But you've seen the post by Soilie in this forum with an attached archive, containing screenshots of new NPC models from Lenuska (https://forums.planetvampire.com/bloodlines-antitribu-mod/antitribu-mod-1-1-is-out!/msg150087/#msg150087) and that's good news anyway. So while waiting for the new update to the mod I'm changing now my copy of the mod for my personal use, fixing the most annoying things that I'm able to fix and improving the mod to my liking, implementing some good ideas from your Unofficial Patch, btw.
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Re: Clan Weaknesses can be rough
« Reply #4 on: February 07, 2020, 08:20:44 pm »

Will there be a Mod 1.2? by the time it will come out
Very good Mod.

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Re: Clan Weaknesses can be rough
« Reply #5 on: February 07, 2020, 11:10:49 pm »
Hi, Marius217!

Yes, indeed the mod is excellent, my favourite to be honest, despite all its bugs, but we can only hope and believe that sometime SOON version 1.2 will be finally released...
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