Author Topic: Clan Weaknesses can be rough  (Read 370 times)

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Clan Weaknesses can be rough
« on: February 15, 2019, 11:42:07 PM »
The Samedi is so ugly, mine got attacked by the Brujah npcs at the Last Round and ended up having to massacre almost everybody in there and got a masquerade violation. And like my Nosferatu characters from the regular game, absolutely cannot get the quests from VV at Confession. That's 9 xp and money the toon is sort of getting cheated out of.

Also pretty sure I'm not playing the Nagaraja right. The hunger just seems to come entirely too often, and I'm breaking the bank at Vandal's buying meat because I cannot seem to find enough. So much so that Vandal ridicules the character for showing up so often. That was a first for me. Not sure why they can't just eat regular people that they've killed.

Finally Lasombra. I couldn't tell if it if was just plain bad luck or the official clan weakness, but this character was plagued by hunters from the very first time he set foot on Second Street. I haven't tried making a second Lasombra, but it only happened with this clan. There was one there hanging right away, and every time I've killed them a new one spawns. There's also at least one in each zone just waiting for me to show up. Killed about a dozen of these extra ones.