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Bertram Tung companion (question)
« on: January 31, 2020, 02:35:31 pm »
Hey everyone! Until the next version of Antitribu Mod comes (based on what I see around the forums, maybe soon?), I decided to play v1.1 for a second time as a Lasombra.

I noticed something I hadn't the first time, namely that Tung can be persuaded to become a willing companion (possession and all) without the Companion Mod artifact you find in Grout's Mansion. I just need to talk to him about the Prince in a mix of classic and new-edited voice/text dialogues. Are there more willing companions like Tung (feel free to spoil me) ? Also, if I recruit Tung, can I still complete his CD quest? Finally, was this a thing in the original companion mod or exclusive to Antitribu?

Thank you in advance!

(By the way, what's with the red blood shield- like glow every time someone is possessed? I can limit it with the console, but was it intentional?)
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Re: Bertram Tung companion (question)
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2020, 04:12:28 am »

In the AtM 1.1 there are many other NPCs (generally kine) who might be your companions (or better to say coterie members) without the artifact from the Grout's Mansion called "The Animus Constupro". But as a rule you should have enough points in your Dominate, Presence or Animalism Disciplines / in your Persuasion, Intimidate or Seduction Feats in order to make them your slaves (it depends on a particular NPC).

Bertram Tung can agree to be your companion if you have 3 points or more in Persuasion or Seduction. It is true in AtM only, in the Companion Mod he was unavailable for this, I think. At least he is not mentioned in its readme (Version 0.4) that comes with the AtM 1.1. But I suppose that it is quite possible to complete his "CD quest" even if he is your companion. Just talk to him (though it must be verified).
Here are some other NPCs who are available to be your slaves without Grout's artifact (not the full list I believe, just those whom I can recall now):

1). Havenbum (a bum at the entrance to Pawnshop Lodgings who begs your money when you enter Santa Monica for the first time after the Tutorial) - you should have 1 point in Animalism (with Grout's artifact too) or 2 points in Presence (1 if you have "The Animus Constupro"). Unfortunately cannot be dominated, persuaded, seduced or intimidated in the dialogue at all. Note that you should use the special dialogue option instead of others, so you won't give him money and will get no Humanity gain for doing so.
2). Vandal Cleaver (Blood Bank manager in Santa Monica Clinic) - Animalism level 3 (2 if you have the artifact), Presence 4 playing as a Setite (3 with the artifact) or Persuasion/Intimidate of level 3 if you have Grout's artifact. Unfortunately cannot be dominated or seduced in order to become your servant in the dialogue at all. 
3). Carson - Animalism 2 (1 with the artifact), Presence 3 (2 with the artifact). Unfortunately cannot be dominated, persuaded, seduced or intimidated in the dialogue at all.
4). Knox Harrington, ghoul of Bertram Tung - 3 points in Dominate, 4 points in Presence, 3 points in Animalism if you possess a Malkavian (2 with the artifact), 2 points in Seduction or 3 points in Persuasion if you have "The Animus Constupro". Unfortunately cannot be intimidated to be your companion.
5). Jumbles (a guy who opens the door to the Crackhouse when you give him the flyer of the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle) - Presence level 3 (2 with the artifact), 2 points in Dominate (1 point if you have the artifact) or 2 points in Animalism (also if you possess a Malkavian). Unfortunately cannot be persuaded, seduced or intimidated in the dialogue at all.
6). Junkie girl (a scared girl in the ground floor of the Crackhouse) - Presence 3 (2 with the artifact), Animalism 2 (1 with the artifact) or Intimidation 1 with the artifact. Unfortunately cannot be dominated, persuaded or seduced in the dialogue at all.
... maybe more...

Other NPCs who might be your companions if you have Grout's artifact (and an appropriate level in needed Disciplines or Feats): Jeanette, Therese, Tourette, Damsel, VV (Velvet Velour), Shu (a fat guy in "Lotus Blossom", actually its owner, who catches you when you put the unlucky talisman in his locker while accomplishing the "Bad Luck" quest), Mira (neice of Bruno in Giovanni Mansion)... maybe more... Just check the *.dlg files (they can be opened and edited with a simple text editor like Notepad) that are located in [your VtMB copy]/Antitribu_Mod/dlg/[location subfolders].

And of course your possible ghoul Heather Poe, demon hunter Yukie and Gargoyle Rockbiter can be your companions through appropriate quests and dialogues as well!

Also, after a certain moment in the game, you can even embrace one of your mortal followers to create a new vampire, your Childe! In this case you won't be able to feed upon him (or her) anymore, but your first Childe will surely gain vampiric capabilities.


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