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Re: Interview with Frederick Wester (Paradox CEO) on Bloodlines 2
« Reply #15 on: October 31, 2021, 09:24:10 pm »
The problem is that there aren't many independent studios around anymore that you would expect to be able to produce such a game, right out of the bat. They are basically all affiliated with publishers or whatever you want to call the Microsoft/SONY/Nintendo trifecta. That doesn't mean that PDX might not be teaming up with any of those larger companies ... but why would they want to, instead of developing their own IPs?
I agree but in my opinion this is also the wrong strategy from Paradox. Why risk it when you already have a good inhouse RPG Studio which also is located in Seattle?
Yeah i am talking of course about Harebrained Schemes. Sure they haven´t done a big RPG before but neither did The Chinese Room.

Also they can hire experienced (maybe even some from Hardsuit Labs they can´t be all that bad) people with one they already have.
Jordan Weisman is their big star dev and a videogame veteran who could manage this kind of game. I don´t get what Paradox sees in The Chinese Room if the rumors are true of course.


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