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Potential outcomes in the development of BL2
« on: May 11, 2021, 08:45:56 pm »
I don't think I need to explain to anyone in these forums why Bloodlines is so close to my heart. Which is why the sequel's messy (to avoid more appropriate but profane words) development is frustrating to no end. I would prefer cut and dry statements like "game is being remade from scratch" or "we need time to consider our next steps" but PR doesn't work like that, so speculation it is. The way I see it, and I truly wish everyone chips in, Bloodlines 2 can go a few ways:

1)Paradox gets the work of HardSuit finished by another dev team and release the game, at least to cut their losses because developing a game of this caliber isn't cheap (why yes, my name is Captain Obvious  :razz: )
2)Radically rebuild the game almost from scratch to fix massive problems or change the game's target audience, which I consider very unlikely. Wouldn't it be very expensive to do such a thing? Leading to further delays, maybe an inevitable cancellation?
3)Maybe there's no direction besides "HardSuit didn't come through so we took the game away from them and let go everyone we could to have no issues when, in the near future, we collaborate with literally ANYONE willing and able to finish this project, whatever conditions they may have". I am exaggerating a bit with my phrasing, and I don't know how publisher/developer relationships usually go, so excuse any oversimplifications on my part.
4)Something else that is perfectly logical but not posted above?

I know most of this has been reiterated and discussed in other threads before, but there wasn't a post about these potential outcomes specifically, so there it is. Let's keep the thinking going, hopefully to understand why this entire situation is the way it is. Also, if we keep thinking about this a lot, maybe the perfect BL2 game will materialize out of thin air. I am pretty sure that's how reality works.  :wink:

In any case, thanks for reading.  :rock:
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